October 18, 2004

Walking to the Sky

Walking to the Sky at Rockefeller Center The sculpture “Walking to the Sky,” which was installed in front of the Rockefeller Center, was dismantled last Friday, October 18th, 2004. It looks like the figures which walk upward to the sky through a 100-foot tall stainless steel pole being dissembled. The pole tilts at a daunting angle, but several figures have undertaken the climb, striding purposefully upward, among ...


September 13, 2004

Good Design Vs. Bad Design

Good design can be defined by style or function depending on circumstances. When people buy a product at first, the style is more important than the function, but with time the function becomes more important. For example, when people buy clothing, they prefer to buy clothes with a nice style and color, but later they more often wear comfortable clothes even if they are not designer or the most stylish. The elements of ...


June 28, 2004

On the way to the Gates

When I traveled to Potsdam in Germany in 1995, I saw the big wrapped building. At first, I thought the building was being remodeled or under construction because it was too huge to think it was artwork after listening to the artwork of Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The truth gives me a shock. I forgot the moment when I saw the building in German with shimmering fabrics. Christo and Jeanne-Claude want to create ...