Ghost is a project that deals with using physical contact to illustrate the idea of the movement and exchange of ideas, data, personality, and etcetera between people.

1. Using 9 perfboards, 182 LEDs are arranged to form an image of a ghost on the chest of each person.
2. LEDs are wired in parallel so that rows of LEDs will turn on independently from the next. This allows more creative control in the transfer of ghosts from one person to the next.
3. Once the ghost image is arranged, the perfboard is then wired to the Arduino board containing the “brains of the operation.”
4. We will be using batteries to power each person’s ghost.

[fabrication test]
1st Prototype 09.28.2006
Process: We began to build out a scaled down prototype of our original ‘Ghost’ concept. This prototype is two characters with LED lights on their chest to create an image of a ghost. One character has a ghost lit up on their chest and when the hands connect together, the ghost leaves the body of the first character and resides on the second character. This interaction works both ways.

material : aruion board + 20 blue LEDs + 20 white LEDs + handmade switch
Prototype pictures
Prototype movies
Prototype code for Arduino
2nd Prototype 10.19.2006
Process: LED matrix design on perf board, soldering LEDs on perf board, Arduino programing for Ghost prototype

perf board prototype material : 144 LEDs per one ghost + 2 perf board
LEDs Prototype on perf board
Programing prototype material : arduino board + 3 LEDs + 2 switchs
Prototype movie
Programing prototype
3rd Prototype 10.26.2006
Process: bech supply test – 182 LEDs require 1.0~2.0 amps, battery test, soldering LEDs on perf board, Arduino programing for Ghost prototype

Programing prototype material : arduino board + 182 LEDs + 2 set of switch with conductive fabric
Prototype pictures
Prototype movie
Programing prototype
final Production 10.31.2006
Process: sawing costume, connecting whole pices together, working test, performance on halloween parade in Greenwich Village

Final production pictures
Final production movie
Final code for production
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