The importance of the design process

The design process is essential when people make or develop products. The quality of products depends on how to make them. In my cases, I usually start basic data research about the product I will design. First of all, I gather the data about the position in the market, the pros and cons of competitive products, and benchmarking mode. Then, I make a specific process and a schedule. The general process of mine can divide four steps. The first step is to create a strategy for the product. In this step, I interview large-scale user soup or investigate the behavior of small user groups concerning the product. If the product was already launched in the market, I generally observe how the user wants to change or what kinds of problems users feel. After gathering data about the product, I develop a strategy to improve product quality or provide the best services to customers. The second step is to design a prototype. Using the data of a product, I design the paper prototype. It is a kind of sketch of a product. First, I draw a prototype on paper and test the prototype with one or two users. I can find some problems or improve factors through this primary test. Then, I started to make more detailed prototypes using the computer. And, I test the prototype one more time with five or seven users. In this test, I can find the specific problem of the user interface and can fix it correctly. Their step is to develop the product. Starting to develop a real product is not only one person’s duty in my case. Many experts join the product and collaborate. My position is usually interaction design. So, I manage the quality of the user interface when engineers reflect my prototype to their programming.

After finishing the beta version of the actual product, we test the product again with ten or twelve users. I observe how the users reach their task goals and what problems in there. I usually write reports about the test and share them with engineers. Then engineers finally fix the problems. The final step is to lunch the product. This step is very important. How to show the product in the market or to customers determines the success or failure of the product. I explain the important functions or main point of the project and suggest some opinions about how we can attract our users because I observed several times users through tests in every step. Then the product is launched in the world. When customer care service starts to gather customer feedback, I can know the project’s success or failure. And I start the next version of the product basis on the customer’s feedback. Designing a product is not only for the designer’s inspiration. Definitely, designers should consider target users who use the product every day or frequently. In my design process, the main points are understanding users’ needs and goals to design products using research data. Although the design is creative, I firmly believe that design should be for users, humans, and the real world. Also, design should benefit their market if the product is not just pure artwork. Researching large-scale data and testing with users in every design process are the best way for the best design.