Relationship between public artists and reputation or money

There are similar goals among Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s projects, De La Vega’s chalkings, and Diego Rivera’s murals. All of their artworks have been shown in public places, and their artworks want to give a message about cultural, political, or environmental issues to ordinary people. Their ideal goals have reached people recently and started to receive recognition from the public. However, their artworks started to transgress their initial goal. Come Collectors and museums want to buy their sketches which are paid a lot of money by collectors and museums. Any artist doesn’t want to sell their art for the money. Landscape artists, who don’t want to make their art used commercially, make their art in nature because collectors can’t collect nature of huge size. Maybe Christo and Jeanne-Claude thought like that before. Mural and Graphitti artists also think, too. Nevertheless, their artworks, such as sketches and concept notes, expensive more and more with time. I wonder Christo and Jeanne-Claude really earn a modest salary, and Chico, who is a mural artist, really will retire a living as a street artist and will not use his reputation after retirement. In my opinion, some typical fine artists don’t care about the audience and concentrate on their artworks. Besides, public artists need audiences who can interact or recognize their works. I think if reputation or money leads the public artists’ enthusiasm, they could not reject easily. These kinds of results are worse than fine artists selling their artworks to collectors because the public artist uses the public for themselves. I understand living as a public artist is very difficult. However, they also should be very careful using their work commercially.