Walking to the Sky

Walking to the Sky at Rockefeller Center

The sculpture “Walking to the Sky,” which was installed in front of the Rockefeller Center, was dismantled last Friday, October 18th, 2004. It looks like the figures which walk upward to the sky through a 100-foot tall stainless steel pole being dissembled. The pole tilts at a daunting angle, but several figures have undertaken the climb, striding purposefully upward, among them a little girl with pigtails, a man in a T-shirt, a businesswoman, an older man, and several others. Three people stand at the bottom, looking up along with the rest of us. Why does the artist of the sculpture choose to travel to the sky? The sculpture is, the artist Jonathan Borofsky says, a “celebration of the human potential for discovering who we are and where we need to go.” However, it seems to relate to the religious belief in heaven and the anxiety of the social hierarchy.