Good Design Vs. Bad Design

Good design can be defined by style or function depending on circumstances. When people buy a product at first, the style is more important than the function, but with time the function becomes more important. For example, when people buy clothing, they prefer to buy clothes with a nice style and color, but later they more often wear comfortable clothes even if they are not designer or the most stylish. The elements of design are not only about visual principles, but also include texture, smell, sound and so on. Moreover, the judgment of good or bad design is very complex and subjective and depends on people’s previous experiences or emotional feeling or context of usage. Below are examples of good and bad design: 

Gucci sandal

Bad design – The Gucci sandal
1. Too painful to ware the sandal The straps are too tight around my foot and make lots of blisters on my foot. After wearing the sandal, I had to attach a bandage to my blistered feet.  
2. Uncomfortable to walk on the street The tiny heel of this sandal is really uncomfortable to walk on the street, because it falls and attaches in shallow holes on the street.  
3. Difficult to walk The tiny heel of sandal makes me lose my balance.  
4. Impossible to clean The materials of the sandal are fabric and leather and those are difficult to clean. 

cheap slipper

Good design – The cheap slipper (flip flops)
1. Comfortable walking It’s very light because of the rubber material. And, the strap that separates my big toe and second toe don’t put any pressure on my foot. 2. Easy to maintain balance while walking The flat sole, without a heel, makes me feel comfortable. 3. Easy to clean I can wash the slipper with water and soap. 

Although there are many problems of interface in the Gucci sandal, the reason to wear this sandal sometimes is because of the reputation of the Gucci brand. If I attend a formal meeting, I would not wear the slipper, but rather the Gucci sandal. Even though the interface of shoes is uncomfortable and bad, sometimes people choose to buy the brand products as a status symbol because of social common opinions about value of luxury style. Although the judgment of good and bad design always changes according to subjective opinions, sometimes, “good design” tends to be judged by mass media without personal experiences. So judging whether something is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ design depends on the situation of usage or personal needs. People tend to do not care as much about do style and function as the designer’s concern.