GUI Design for Korean Word Processor

Starting from the early 1990s, Samsung Electronics independently developed its own Korean word processor “Hunminjongeum”. This word processor was sold on the market and also used as the official word processor in the Samsung group. When I first started working for Samsung Electronics in 1996, the entire word processor development team was comprised of only programmers. Because of this, although the functional aspects of the program were top-notch, the design of the interface was not as good. Samsung decided to hire me because I majored in design but was also able to program. My first assignment was to tidy up the interface icons and dialogs. While doing this, I realized that a common design guide was not in place between the different module programmers. Also, the structure and language used in the menu items were markedly different from what most Korean printing designers used. I noted these problems with the team and suggested they be corrected. From this point, I took over the planning and creating design guides for future versions of the word processor. This work helped to refine the Korean word processor and set standards for a more visually consistent interface.